Saturday, 10 March 2012

Welcome Miner!

Welcome Miner,

Miner4Ever has been been released into the Xbox Indie Games area tonight, and is being downloaded by hundreds of miners.... ehm.. gamers while I'm writing this post.

So, if you're one of the happy owners of a copy of M4E check this Blog often because I'm getting things ready.
If you never played M4E it's time to begin.. just Bing on your Xbox Miner4Ever and that's it or if you're even more lazy (just like me) then here's the related page

Now let me thank you for your support, your awesomeness will push me to add new contents and features into M4E to make it better and greater day by day.

Thank you miner!


  1. My resources keep going in the negatives when I stop playing and get back on. At first it was sulfur and now it's coal. Btw where do you find sulfur?

    1. Sulfur is yellow on the resource map (the map on the right)
      Sulfur is often on the hills.

      Regarding the negative resources I'll give a check to find eventual bugs.

      thank you for your support!

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  3. Hello Alfio!
    I was wondering if you would like a fellow designer to work along side you to help with M4E, I wish no pay just experiance!

    Please PM me if you want more info or give a answer

    Yours faithfully,
    Gel Smakaz
    (Solomon Williams)