Tuesday, 13 March 2012

if you're looking for level 3 buildings..

I've been reported that some of you, brave miners, have difficult in finding level 3 structures; now... if I did well my math these are the coords:

5009, 4985
4996, 5012
4980, 5005
5020, 5014
4987, 4990

You may find the coords you're actual in on the middle top of the screen.
I will not revel which building structure correspond each coord, it's you job to find the one you're interested in.

Good luck, miner!

was found a bug in the buildings creation algoritm that causes level 3 and 4 structures to be skipped, sorry miners, will be fixed soon!


  1. why do i randomly hear people sometimes when playing the game in both sandbox and world1

  2. Went to cords, seem that none were lvl 3 but maybe a research...

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